Đề số 5 – Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 – Tiếng Anh 8 mới>

Đề bài

I. Listen and answer the questions. 

Question 1.  What are Long Van, Tuyet Son, Hinh Bong? 

A. discovered caves in Huong Son.

B. famous pagodas in Huong Son

C.  pagodas, caves and grottos in Huong Son

D.  well-known places in Huong Son.

Question 2.  How far is it from The Ong Bay to Long Van Pagoda? 

A. 2 kilometers                       

B. 12 kilometers                     

C. 2 miles       

D. 20 miles

Question 3. What does Huong Pagoda harmonize the charater of a Buddhist architectural complex with? 

A.  man-made buildings         

B.  the natural beauty                                     

C.  nearby villages                 

D. other religious styles

Question 4.  When is the best time to visit these places?

A.  spring   

B. summer 

C. autumn  

D. winter  

II. Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others

Question 5.  

A.  comsumption              B. explosion

C. technician                   D. mathematician 

Question 6.

A. nomadic                       B. ancestor

C. diversity                        D. reflect

Question 7.

A. majority                       B. multicultural

C. community                  D. addicted

III. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

Question 8.

A. taxes                            B. watches

C. books                           D. boxes

Question 9.

A. fair                               B. hair

C. air                                D. bag

Question 10.

A. transmit                        B. exhibition

C. spy                               D. slim

Question 11.

A. chemistry                      B. charge

C. chunk                            D. church

Question 12. 

A. knife                              B. kill

C. know                             D. knives

IV. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentences

Question 13. She loves lying and _____________ the slow movement of the clouds.

A. watch                             B. to watch

C. watching                        D. watched

Question 14._________ we followed the tradition of coming home for our family reunion, young people in Vietnam go abroad at Tet.

A. Nevertheless                     B. Although

C. But                                     D. However

Question 15. We burn ____________ to show respect to our ancestors during Tet.

A. wood                                 B. paper

C. plastic                                D. incense

Question 16. The farmer rides a buffalo -____________ cart loaded full of rice home.

A. draw                                   B. drawing

C. drew                                   D. drawn

Question 17. People in the countryside live ___________ than those in the city.

A. happier                          B. happily

C. happy                             D. more happily

Question 18. Viet Nam is ______________ multicultural country with 54 ethnic groups.

A. a                                     B. an

C. the                                  D. A and C

Question 19.__________ ethnic group has the largest population in Viet Nam?

A. Who                                 B. Which

C. Where                              D. When

Question 20. Mozart was born in Salzburg __________ 1756.

A. in                                     B. on 

C. at                                     D. since

Question 21. __________Saturday night, I went to bed at 11 o’clock.

A. At                                     B. On

C. In                                      D. From

Question 22. I used __________ fishing.

A. enjoy                                  B. to enjoy

C. enjoying                             D. to enjoying

V. Circle the mistake then correct it in each sentence.

Question 23. Under (A) the new regulations (B), a worker have to (C) wear protection (D) clothes.        

Question 24. Our (A) grandparents used to be telling (B) us fairy tales (C) when we (D) were small.

VI. Complete the correct forms of the words.

Question 25. Some ethnic groups use their own ________ languages. (speak)

Question 26. Are you interested in ________ baskets? (weave)

Question 27. People in the countryside work ________on their farms than we can imagine. (hard)

Question 28. _______tribes never stay in the same place for a long time. (nomad)

VII. Fill in each blank with a suitable word given in the box to complete the following passage.

 picks           gets               ancestors

place            full                 cultural

especially          celebrated          pray


Spring is a time when there are many festivals in our country. Among them, Hoa Ban Festival is the most beautiful and interesting, and it takes (29) _________ in Lai Chau. It is typical of the (30) ____________ life of the Thai people. In the second lunar month of the year, when it (31) ____________ warmer and hoa ban – a kind of beautiful flower in the northwest mountainous area – blossoms, Hoa Ban Festival is (32) ______________. This is a great time for everyone, (33) _____________ for boys and girls. The boy (34) _________ the most beautiful flower and gives it to his girlfriend. This is not only a time for love but also for the Thai people to (35) ____________ for good crops, for happiness, and express their special thanks to the Gods and (36) __________. The festival is always (37) _______ of songs and prayers.

VIII. Read the text then write the answers to the questions below.


My name’s John and my best friend is called Pamela. We met thirty years ago when we were both five years old. It was my first day at school and I was very unhappy because I wanted my mother. Pamela gave me a sweet and we became friends immediately. We were together nearly every day until we left school twelve years later.

Then I went to university but Pamela didn’t. She got married and had three children. I studied for eight years because I wanted to be an accountant. I had a lot of new friends so I didn’t see Pamela very often. Sometimes we didn’t meet for months but we often talked on the phone.

Question 38. How old were John and Pamela when they became friends?

⟹ ______________________

Question 39. How often did they meet at school?

⟹ ______________________

Question 40. Why didn’t Pamela go to university?

⟹ _____________________

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1.  C
Question 13. C
Question 2.  A
Question 14. B
Question 3.  B
Question 15. D
Question 4.  A
Question 16. D
Question 5.  D
Question 17. D
Question 6. B
Question 18. A
Question 7. B
Question 19. B
Question 8. D
Question 20. A
Question 9. D
Question 21. B
Question 10. C
Question 22. B
Question 11. A
Question 23. C
Question 12. B
Question 24. B

Question 25. spoken

Question 26. weaving 

Question 27. harder

Question 28. Nomadic

Question 29. place

Question 30. cultural

Question 31. gets

Question 32. celebrated

Question 33. especially

Question 34. picks

Question 35. pray

Question 36. ancestors

Question 37. full

Question 38. They were both five years old when they became friends.

Question 39. They met at school nearly every day.

Question 40. Because she got married and had three children.


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