Những phrasal Verb thông dụng thay thế cho từ đơn trong tiếng Anh

Phrasal verbsMeaningsExample usesDefinitions and Replacements

Back out of

Bỏ rơi

Several subjects backed out of their treatment.


Bear on

Có ảnh hưởng

Foucault’s writings still bear on contemporary thought about prison.


Catch up with

Theo kịp, bằng

It will take some time for our newer coal mines to catch up with our older ones.


Call on

Tận dụng

I call on the work of other contemporary thinkers.


Call for

Cần phải có 

The act of aggression called for immediate response.


Count on

Tin cậy, nhờ cậy

The question is, should a citizen be able to count on its government to preserve free access to clean water?

rely on

Cut down on

Giảm thiểu

Practiced writers cut down on unnecessary adverbs and adjectives.


Come up with

Nảy ra một ý tưởng nào đó

Hannah had to come up with a way to isolate the variable.


Fall apart

Tan rã

The board of directors fell apart.


Get away

Thoát khỏi

Several of them sought to get away from the cold winter night.


Get along with

Thân thiết với

They commonly exaggerated the degree to which the indigenous tribes would not get along with one another.

be friendly with

Give in

Đưa ra, biểu lộ ra

After a long pause for thought, he gave in to the demands.


Go on

Tiếp tục

Bakker went on to win a prestigious award.


Hold on to


Sven tried everything, but could not hold on to his youth.


Hold out


Bram would hold out until morning when the supplies arrived.


Hold out on


Napoleon would not tolerate his generals holding out on him.

hide (something)

Look into

Tìm kiếm, nghiên cứu

We have a hypothesis, but we must look into other possible explanations for the phenomenon.


Look out for

Bảo vệ

Among 50 respondents who regularly walk home from work in the middle of the night, 45 indicated looking out for criminals.

safeguard against

Make sure of

Đảm bảo

To print the name of interviewee, an author must make sure of the interviewee’s consent.


Pick up on

Chú ý

The data show various relationships that we had not picked up on.


Put up with

Khoan dung

The country will put up with a certain number of economic sanctions.


See to

Sắp xếp

The custodian would see to the security of the building.


Take after

Chăm sóc, trông nom

This new state takes after its regional neighbours.


Touch on

Đề cập đến

At the beginning of his speech, Finn found it necessary to touch on the circumstances of the event.


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